Always bounded to technology main road, We bounded our thirty experience coming from digital technology fields and we choosed to start with the smartwatch needs and requirements.
So, we started since more than three years ago with an idea that immediately arrived to a real product, and now we have been working on final phase of pre production way for our first powerbank for Android smartwatches (soon also for Apple).
Day by day, we have not only realized very different and functional prototypes (as all our old models were functional since the beginning), but also a useful instrument to let you use your smartwatch at 100%, on the go, without the hassle to charging with the wire and on plain top. When we sa we were first, you can see from Facebook page chronology, because three years ago we showed our second prototype models to Maker Faire in Rome. And first model were realized at the end of 2014 with our international patent. And when we say  'on the go', we say wherever you are, because in that exact moment,  your smartwatch wherever it will be, in your pocket, bag, suitcase, luggage, it will be charging. We are working now on details, and we will soon ready for main crowfunding campaigns.