We have realized the powerbanks for the main brands in smartwatch world.

Our models are actually for 11 different smartwatches types.

  • Samsung S2
  • Samsung S3
  • Samsung Galaxy watch
  • LG Urbane classic
  • Motorola 1 and 2
  • Huawei Classic and Huawei 2
  • Tag Heuer Connected
  • Tag Heuer Modular
  • Nixon Mission

All our smartwatches will have about 6000 mah of total charge, to let to the smartwatch be charged many times (it depends on model), and also an additional usb to let you to charge your smartphone when you need.
The same design will let you to fix perfectly your smartwatch and have it charging while on the go, because it is fixed with the powerbank. So when we say 'on the go' we say wherever you are, because in that exact moment, your smartwatch, wherever it is, in your pocket, bag, suitcase, luggage or else, it will be charging. The charging system is by micro usb

You can adapt it also with metal watchbands with adjusting screw. We are working to let our powerbank to be good also for other models.

Stay tuned!