Our battery charger for Samsung gear S3 is our wireless model and can charge the smartwatch til 5 charges and more. In this way you can use it for the whole week. There are necessary only few hours to let you to charge the battery charger. The choice we made about the type of batteries led us to choose Panasonic, which gave us the best results in tests we made, and better performances and efficiency.The 4 green leds on side of battery charger, they represent the percentage of the powerbank charge, in steps of 4, so from zero to 25/50/75/100% while the first green led always flashing, it indicates the powerbank discharged. The choice we made about the classic method of charge was made because in this way the batteries can last more and more time and the same for the smartwatch battery, also in this way we can avoid any damage on the same smartwatch. The powerbank, one time is fixed with the smartwatch, can be put either horizontally or vertically and it will function in the same way! In your bag, backpack, suitcase, handbag, shoulder bag, luggage or wherever you want. After about two hours of charge a lock system will stop the charge so you can have additional energy for the next charge. An additional usb port lets you to charge also your smartphone or else, and this can be til 3 times (it depends on your model). Again, an adjustable screw can let you to fix your smartwatch, also if you have one with a metal strap. During production phase we will make also customized models with particular designs so you will be able to choose the one you like. So it is for all these details that our battery charger represents an incredible and useful instrument to be a perfect partner for your smartwatch. And all of this, is not only an idea or a project, but above all a real and fully functional product, since the beginning, and also since the models we published on Rome Maker Faire. Real products, real final prototypes, just ready to market. With some small defects, but for sure almost ready! And all our powerbanks, never gave problems to all our smartwatches. Never.