Our powerbank for Samsung Galaxy Watch is the model with wireless charge system. It can charge the smartwatch til 5 times and more, so you can have the portable charge for a whole week. It need some hours to be charged one time is discharged (you can see this with the same first flashing green light). The batteries we choose are Panasonic, because they represent the best choice on market, in the ratio between lasting cycle, energy saving and complete efficiency. The 4 leds represents the percentage of charge in 4 steps, so 25/50/75/100%. The method we used in the charge is the classic like the home 110/220V, and not the fast, because in this way you can save the long lasting life of batteries on one hand and on the other hand save the battery of same smartwatch and also avoid to damage this one. So we choose this also because the same smartwatches does not have again the fast charge. One time is ready to be charged the smartwatch/powerbank joint can be put either vertically or horizontally, it will charge anyway! And you will put it wherever you want, in your pocket, bag, suitcase, handbag, shoulder bag, luggage. A sure system locks the charge after about 2 hours so this saves energy for the next charge. The additional usb port will let you to charge also your smartphone or other til 3 charges (it depends on model). And the adjustable screw lets you to fix also all the smartwatches with metal straps, so you can fix also this type of strap. So it is for all these details and characteristics that our powerbank represents not only a very useful instrument but above all, as we say, the perfect partner for your smartwatch. All of this is not only a simple idea or a project but above all a fully functional instrument, tested since three years ago, our pictures are real, of real prototypes, maybe with some small assembling defects but real! And perfectly functional! Since three years ago! And above all they never gave any problem to the various smartwatches.