The Nixon Mission powerbank  is a model part of the classic contact series, non wireless. The charging time for the Nixon smartwatch, is similar to the classic 110/220V charge. The lasting of the charge of our powerbank can arrive til 5 full charges so can last til an entire week. The necessary time to charge the powerbank, one time discharged (green flashing led) is about some hours. The tests carried out led us to choose Panasonic batteries, which result the best in use cycle and for long lasting. Choosing a traditional charging system and not quick, it was dictated from  the fact that in this way batteries not only they can last more time but they are laso more efficient, and the same for the smartwatch battery, which does not accept quick charge systems. The powerbank can fix with smartwatch as one body, during charging and you can put it horizontally or vertically or in other way, withou an problem. But the driving factor of our powerbank is that results not onl portable but also pocketable, during charging, so you can put it everywhere; bag, suitcase, handbag, backpack or luggage. The same charge is stopped aftr about 2 hours so you can save energy for the next charge- The 4 green leds give the charging percentage, from zero to 100 with growing steps and flashing led when discharged.When rwe are ready for production, you will be able to choose your model among many available designs. It does exist also an usb port to let you to charge your smartphone til three times (it depends on the model you have). If you have a smartwatch with metal band, and you think cannot fix, no problem! There is also an adjusting screw that lets you to fix also your metal band. For all these characteristics our powerbank is a very useful and precious instrument for all the people who own a smartwatch. Impossible to stay without it! Finall we want to remember that our powerbank is not a project or idea. Our last powerbank like the first we realized three years ago, they are all fully functional and we are ready fro presale. And our powerbanks charged all the smartwatches since the beginning, since first models, without creating problems to the same smartwatches.