The Lg Urbane powerbank has a one of a kind design; like the others can charge the smartwatch more than full 4/5 times., so you can use it for an entire week. The charging time is more or less the same as classic system at 110/220V. The powerbank can be recharged in few hours. we decided to use the best batteriesĀ  (Panasonic) to have the best quality in use and in efficiency. Again we avoided to use the so requested fast charge system not only because the smartwatch does not let this way, but above all because in this way the battery life is very little and it is not a good choice for a good powerbank and for the same smartwatch.The watch can be fixed quickly and fastly all around the same powerbank so can be a single body. You can put it on the table either both standing and sideways, but main characteristic of our powerbank is that it is portable and pocketable so can charge the watch while you are on the go. While charging you can put it in your bag, pocket, suitcase, duffle bag, so when charged you have simply to remove the strap, and you are ready! The system is provided with an automatic charge stop after about 2 hours, so this prevents from discharging the powerbank, and you can use power batteries only when you need. There is a 4 led charging indicator (25/50/75/100%), so you can see when charged and when need to be recharged. When we start and produce the powerbanks, we will customize all the models in different patterns so you will be able to choose the one you like best. There is also an usb port so you can charge every kind of smartphone or other. You could charge til 3 times your smartphone (it depends from model/battery you have). Lastly you can use the powerbank also if you have a metal watchband because there is the adjustable screw that let you to fix the right measure. So this is an incredible and useful instrument for our smartwatch, so you'll never be able to stay without it. And above all, this is not a project, because we have been working on this idea exactly 3 years ago, and since that time all our smartwatches have been clearly and correctly charged, without never having any kind of problem.