Our Huawei Classic (first version)  Ener-watch powerbank, is the model with direct contact, non wireless. It is possible to charge the smartwatch til more than 5 times, so you can use it for the entire week. To charge the powerbank, you will need only some hours. The choice we made on batteries type, has led us to  the Panasonic world, because these batteries in our tests were the best for long lasting and general efficiency. For that regards the charging system, we decided to choose the classic charge system and not the quick because the quick should have created problems to the same battery life and on the other hand the smartwatches don't support again weel the quick charging system. We think that it is better to have batteries that can last more time. During charging, the powerbank can be positioned either horizontally and vertically, since one time attached with powerbank, the smartwatch it is a only body with charger. The main characteristic of this powerbank is that it is ultra portable, pocketable, and not only a simple charger. You can put  it during charging in your bag, suitcase, handbag, pocket, backpack or wherever you want. A security system stops the charge after 2 hours so you can save energy fro the next charge. The percentage of charge is visible from the first green flashing led, so this is the signal that you have to charge your powerbank. The percentage of charge is visible with 4 green leds in steps of 25%  (so 25/50/75/100%). there is also an additional usb port that let you to charge your smartphone til 3 times (it depends on the model you have). From the beginning of the producton we realize different customized designs for any model and you will be able to choose the one you like more. Again, an adjustable screw lets you to fix the powerbank to the smartwatch, for all the owners who have a metal strap with smartwatch. For all these characteristics, our powerbank is an irreplaceable instrument, from which it is impossible to be without. Lastly, we want to remember that our powerbank is not a project but a real product, correctly and full functioning, which has been tested since 3 years ago, and which never gave problems to the smartwatches.