The Huawei 2 powerbank is  part of contact series model of our powerbanks. You can get to fully upload  the smartwatch til 5 times and use it for a full week before recharging again the powerbank. Charging time for powerbank are about some hours and are the same with 110/220V for home use. The tests we made with various batteries, led us to choose Panasonic batteries, which represents the best compromise between better  lasting and efficiency. We decided to utilize classic charging system and not quick, because the quick sstem create again really short lasting problems to powerbank so we can have more efficient batteries; same smartwatches again the does not support real quick charging systems. The powerbank can be fixed horizontally or verticall when charging smartwatch, and it fixes thewatch as an onl body. But the best detail of our powerbank is that it is ultra portable, pocketable, so you can put it everywhere during charging, in your bag, suitcase, habndbag, backpack. The same charge is stopped after 2 hours so you can recover energ for next charge. There are 4 green leds that indicate the charging percentage, from the flashing green light when powerbank need to be recharged til full charge with 4 leds. (usually 25/50/75/100%). When in production, it will be possible to choose from a series of different designs for every model. There is also an usb port, useful to charge our smartphone when dead, til 3 times (depending from smartphone you have). Lastly the adjustable screw lets you to fix the metal band for all the smartwatch lovers who own a metal band for their watch. For all these characteristics, our powerbank results to be an incredible and very useful friend for your smartwatch, from which will be impossible to be without. We want to remember that this is not a project but a product, tested since three ears ago, ready to be launched on the market. We want also to remember that our powerbanks had alwas charged the various smartwatches without problems to the same smartwatches.