Our Lg Urbane powerbank for Fossil first generation, is part of the wireless series powerbanks. serie that regards also other models. This powerbank is able to charge til 4/5 times the smartwatch so that you can utilize it for a whole week at full charge. The necessary time to charge the powerbank is more or less the same with 2110/220V. The same powerbank, one time discharged can be recharged in few hours. While researching for the best batteries, at the end we utilized only Panasonic, because the can guarantees the best standard and long lasting time. For that regards the charging system we choosed for the classic charge and not quick charge because otherwise we could have had a very short battery life on one hand, and on the other hand the possibilit to create real problems to smartwatches batteries. In the fastening system, the same smartwatch, one time fixed with powerbank, it is only one bod and it does not move anymore. While charging, you can put it either horizontally and vertically or in other wa, without any problem. But what most characterizes our powerbank is the fact of being portable and pocketable, while charging smartwatch, so you can use everywhere, in your backpack, bag or handbag, in your suitcase, luggage while you are out and during the day. A securit system stops the charge after about 2 hours so to save precious energy for the next charge. The charging indicator is provided with 4 green leds, which says the cycle and percentage of charge, from zero to 100% with 4 steps and flashing green light when powerbank need to be recharged. During production you will be able to choose the model youlike among various particular designs, which will be available. An additional usb port, lets you to charge also your smartphone, if discharged, and you can charge i til 3 times, depending on model you have. It exists also the possibility, in case you should have the metal strap for your smartwatch, it is possible to adjust til exact measure on powerbank to let you to fix perfectly the watch to same powerbank. So it is for all these characteristics that our powerbank turns out to be a formidable and very useful instrument to always carry with your smartwatch and from which we can never separate. And we want to tell you that our powerbank is not an idea or project, but a real product, almost ready for the market. These three years of hard work had allowed us to bring to life what at beginning was only a project, so more and more efficient prototypes, since the beginning and Always full functional. Prototypes that in these three years of tests, they never gave a problem to the same smartwatches.